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January 14, 2022

Beach vacation in Lourinha

The town is flooded with beaches! Wedged between high rocky cliffs and the foamy Mediterranean Sea, they make a scenic spot to enjoy beachy holidays. Wade into the warm sea, dive deep into its cerulean waters, or layback on the sand and work on your tan. The choice is yours!

Among the many gorgeous beaches in and around Lourinhã, five best ones are Paimogo,Praia da Areia BrancaCaniçalBaleal, and Vale de Frades Beach.

Paimogo Beach 

Enclosed by natural beauty and lorded by the 17th-century Paimogo Fort, this beach nestled in the lap of calm sea. If you are looking for a refreshing bathing spot, then this beach is it. The calm waters also make Paimogo safe and ideal for underwater exploration and fishing. It remains a popular spot among anglers even today. You will find many boats anchored at the edge of the bay. Watch through the low tides as the old fish ponds hove in sight.

Areia Branca Beach

Areia Branca is one of the major tourist attractions in Lourinhã. Filled with thrill-chasers yet relaxing, the beach boasts an idyllic atmosphere for both, adventurers and holidaymakers. 

Teeming with an array of options, ranging from mini-golfto surfing and body-boarding classes, Areia Branca makes the perfect hotspot for fun seekers.

Its fame has made many restaurantsbars, and outdoor terraces sprout along the sandy trail. You can work on your tan while sipping on a mug full of beer or delicious cocktail. An excellent option for hedonist heyday!

Caniçal Beach

Nestled on the southern edge of the Paimogo Beach, Caniçal Beach is perfect for the nature lovers. Its soft, tanned sand and burnt umber cliffs paint a picturesque scene. It is a beach that is most trodden by those who like to indulge in recreational fishing. It also offers water activities like surfing and bodyboarding.

Baleal Beach

Sited just 24 minutes outside Lourinhã, Baleal is a beautiful beach that stretches between the mainland and its eponymous Baleal Island. The powdery setting is quite popular among local families and also attracts international surfers. The island boasts a variety of coastlines, which means there are waves that are suitable for beginners as well as experienced surfers. This unique feature makes Baleal a surfing centre. The beach’s popularity among surfers paved way for the Baleal Surf Camp, which is active since 1993.

Vale de Frades Beach

Just like the town itself, the Vale de Frades Beach is also a hidden gem that is unfrequented and left for the few to enjoy. It is the perfect one to godivingand spearfishing. Extensively sandy, it is a great location to enjoy a seaside sunsetor take a romantic evening walk

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