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January 14, 2022

Don’t miss these places around Lourinha

Stroll through Lourinhã for Architectural Finds

Though nestled by the sea and home to several beaches, the town is way more than its coast. A leisurely stroll through its narrow streets will unveil intriguing edifices. Do not let the simple façade fool you. The building may be a legacy of the town’s heritage and eminent benchmarks through the history of Lourinhã.

These important buildings include the Santo António Church and ConventChurch of Santa Maria do Castelo; and O Pão Saloio.

Santo António Church and Convent

Flaunting a white-washed exterior, this massive building is dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Anunciação. When built originally in 1598, it only consisted of a small church and a few retirement houses. However, restoration was carried on a great scale in 1601 that lasted for many years. Finally, in 1619, the church was built with elements that we admire today – its 17th century chapelstained glassBaptismal fontmarbled altarpieceneoclassical side altars, and tiled walls.

Its two-story convent is supported by strong arcades of the Tuscan order. Enter the convent to appreciate its 18th century Baluster motifs and Angel figurines that decorate the walls. 

Included in this historic campus is a cloister, a well, a mausoleum, anda bell tower with a clock.

Church of Santa Maria do Castelo

Distinguished by its Gothic architecture, the church belongs to the second half of the 14th century. This beautiful monument is dedicated to St. Mary. It was built in two stages and the constructions are attributed to Dom Jordan and Dom Lourenço Vicente. Both were the donee of the town.

Its stunning façade consists of a central and two side naves. Completing its design is a polygonal apse. The interior boasts eight fine ogive archesthat stretch between the two side naves. Supporting them are three monolithic columns, each three meters in height. An abundance of motifsadds an artsy appeal to the décor of this beautiful church.

Finishing off the splendid build of the church is its rose window, octagonal baptismal font, a five-point star, and two crosses.

O Pão Saloio

A long stroll through the town is bound to make you feel peckish. Therefore, here is a recommended eatery for you to stop by and energize. Located in Vimeiro, the restaurant is famous for serving three different cuisines – Mediterranean, European, and Portuguese. Its extensive menu offers a variety of dishes that will satiate your hunger as well as taste buds.

Featuring a white-washed exterior, the rustic restaurant may look understated but is an excellent spot to sample local dishes.

Spot the Windmills

Windmills may no longer be a vital player in the town’s economy as they once were, but they are still an important part of Lourinhã’s heritage. Head to the Moita dos Ferreiros region of the town to admire five of these windmills. Located in Alto da Pinhôa, these five iconic postcard-perfect propellers were fully restored in April 2000. While three of them are still functioning, one has been turned into a bar and another into a holiday home.

It is even possible to have a friendly chat with the miller and his wife. They will even open the main door to the central mill for you to watch the mill in operation.

Take the Dinosaur Route

A fun fact about Lourinhã is that it is home to a very important collection of dinosaur fossils. They are accessible in the museum or through hiking.

The PR1, also known as Dinosaur Route, has its trailhead at the museum. It will walk you all the way through 9,900 meters until you reach the endpoint, which is at the Paimogo Fort. Instead of taking a separate stroll through the town, you can take this route to visit both the churches in Lourinhã.

On your way, you will even enjoy splendid natural landscapes, which will include the stunning views of four beaches – Areia Branca, Paimogo, Vale Frades, and Caniçal.

Take a Trip to Costa de Prata

Costa de Prata or Silver Coast is a popular tourist destination in Portugal. Located just 170km away from Lourinhã, it is easily reachable within 2 hours via A8 and A17. The long drive itself makes for a wonderful journey. If long drive and distance fret you, focus on how worth it the long drive is when the end destination is a cluster of beautiful cities.

Words cannot match the history and culture that this charming place holds. Several cities dotting the Silver Coast are now accoladed as World Heritage by UNESCO. The coast is brimming with architectural gems, monasteries, painted pyjama houses, and thermal springs. Explore the Silver Coast and you will notice how it is a stupendous juxtaposition between the chic and the archaic.

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