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January 19, 2022

Why Everybody Wants to Go for Holidays in Portugal (And Stay) in 2022?

Portugal holidays are, indeed, becoming a trend among Europeans nowadays. Time and time again, the villas in Portugal have brimmed with tourists. Foreign real estate investments have also hiked in the country. But why does everyone want a Portugal villa holiday? Besides becoming a chart-topper vacation spot, this picture-perfect European country has also become the #1 choice as a retirement destination. The question remains – why?

If you could retire or spend extended holidays anywhere in the world, where would you choose to do it? Perhaps, someplace with reliable healthcare, fair cost of living, pleasant climate, incredible geography, inviting food scene, speciality wine, friendly people, and a lot of things to do and see. Portugal boasts of all these qualities.

This popular European destination has also won a cornucopia of accolades, including the title of Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination 2019. Again, why all the fuss about this country? Let’s take a deep dive and find why Portugal is becoming the new Miami.

The Pleasant Sun-Soaked Weather

Tucked on the western tip of Europe close to northern Africa, Portugal boasts a warm, Mediterranean climatewith distinct wet season during winter. The Portuguese capital, Lisbon is the sunniest capital of the continent that receives an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine per year, while Algarve is the sunniest city with over 3,300 hours of sunshine.

Sun-bathers and tan-seekers are bound to fall in love with the climate in Portugal. During summer months, Portugal enjoys refreshing sea breezes, making it the chart-buster of all best European destinationsto visit and live. 

Gorgeous Landscape of Portugal

Another aspect of Portugal that attracts tourists and foreign homeowners alike is its incredible Atlantic-fringed landscape. The country is an eye-popping concoction of powdery beaches, lush green countryside, and balmy cities.

Portugal spans across two archipelagos– Azores and Madeira. The stream of Tagus river divides the rugged terrain of the north from the rolling plains in the south. 

The natural beauty is vivid in the forest-cloaked and valley-ringed Iberian Peninsulathat traces the northern edge of the country. It is both refreshing and serene. Both the archipelagos have volcanic origins. They are abundant with endemic vegetation, hot springs, romantic-style parks, cliff-clung miradouro, and indigenous species.

Amidst its pristine nature are some of the best beaches in Europe, including those perfect for whale-watchers, surfers, families, and even toddlers.

Home to Hawaii of the Atlantic

Floating around 1,100 km west of Lisbon is one of the best destinations in Portugal – the Azores. Home to a volcanic complex and several beaches, the archipelago is also known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic.

Visit this ultimate hedonist’s hideoutto indulge in leisure whale watching, swimming with dolphins, revitalizing in spas, and golfing in expansive greenswards. The sporty will find adventures like deep diving, snorkelling, canyoning, sailing, and hiking in the Azores. Rich opportunities to go horseback riding, ride a bike, and paraglide also await the visitors here.

What else? The archipelago is also a pictorial oasis of several volcanic manifestationslike seething mud pots, picturesque crater lakes, and forest-surrounded hot springs. 

Now isn’t that comforting to know, you are always close to such a paradisiac location!

Quintessential European Charm

No matter whether you are from France, Belgium, or Slovenia, Portugal has the homely vibe that prevents homesickness. From old trams, orange-tiled roofs to historical monuments like Templo Romano and Carmo Convent, there’s a lot that retains the olde-worlde charm in the country. It also means that there are plenty of places to visit in Portugal for a gallivanter. 

In addition to this, the diverse culture and stable social fabric of the country creates the ideal setting for raising families, conducting travelling, or running businesses.

Portugal Festivals: Music, Art, and Carnivals

Music and festivals are a vital part of Portuguese culture. Wherever you go, you will find music (particularly iconic Fado) and art at the heart of everything, be it traditional or modern.

 Experience the best of Portuguese fests with the Carnival. Celebrated in February, it is an eye-widening affair filled with parades, costumes, masks, theatrical performances, and traditional Portuguese boats.

The country also paints itself red during the Lisboa Dance Festivalin March and Iberian Mask Festivalin May.

Add to the list the Portugal music festivals that are salvation for melophiles. Among them, the most lauded music fests include the Afro Nation: Portugalorganized every year in Algarve and the electronic BPM Festival: Portugal.

All these fests and celebrations are bound to increase your excitement level and the joy of being in the peppy country.

Excellent Quality of Life

Portugal is admired for its laid-back pace of life. It is a hub of welcoming people who are both friendly and helping. It is no surprise why the country was listed three times in the list of top 3 happiest places for ex-pats.

Recently, in 2019, the InterNations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal #1 for quality of life. Those who helped the country top the chart spoke highly about its secure and stable environment.

It is especially true for those travelling or moving with children. The country and its people pay special attention to keep the young ones happy. The comfort of children is considered everywhere, be it in concerts, eateries, or in the next neighbourhood. This contributes to the warm vibe of Portugal.

Portugal is a Tax Haven

More and more people are investing in Portugal, especially from France and Brazil, because of its incredible tax incentives. The tourist and property boom in the country surged with French, who have the highest burden of taxes of all 34 developed countries, became the biggest homebuyers in Portugal, 2017.

The generousnon-habitual tax resident (NHR) regimeis largely why so many people are picking Portugal for retirement. It exempts money earned from non-Portuguese sources off the taxes. This includes pension paid abroad, salary, and revenue from rent or investment capitals.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the NHR regime through being an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or through schemes like the Golden Visa program. The ease of getting inside the countryand becoming a part of it gets too tempting, especially when immigration, specifically permanent, is becoming difficult across the world.

Plus, getting the Golden Visa also means to get access to 164 countries, including 26 in the Schengen area. Think of it as a key to the world for a globetrotter.

Low Cost of Living in Portugal

Portugal is arguably the cheapest country in Europe. To compare, the cost of living in France is 52.4%more expensive than Portugal. And in Belgium, it is 53.7%so.

Here, everything from groceries to accommodation is affordable. Even when it comes to renting, the country offers decent options. In Lisbon, apartments for rent come with a fair price tag of € 1100/month for couples. Renting spaces for singles can cost up to two-third of this price.

Buying Property in Portugal

Whether one is looking for a retirement property or an apartment to buy and rent later, Portugal offers desirable options under €115,000. You will find lettable properties in all kinds of localities– effervescent nightlife hubs, rustic city boltholes, beach-traced coastline, affluent Golden Triangle, and hobnobbing historical centres.

It is mainly because the real estate is still undervaluedin the country. Although it is recovering slowly, someone with a budget for France or Belgium is in a good position to buy.

Depending on where you decide to live, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in this breezy, sea-side country can cost between €300 to €1000. The availability of a free bike-sharing programand inexpensive public transportationmakes it optional to buy a car.

English-Friendly Country

Several aspects of Portugal (think low taxes, less expensive lifestyle, and cheap real estate) make the country an ultra-comfortable choice for renting or buying a home. Among those comforts and conveniences, one of the most important is that there won’t be a language barrier. 

This is mainly because of the historical ties that Portugal shares with the UK. Almost everyone in the country speaks English, even more so in Algarve. Travellers and retirees can able to get by their daily lives without speaking much Portuguese.

The movies and TV shows are also telecasted in their original languages, with Portuguese subtitles.

World-Class Healthcare

The healthcare standards in Portugal are excellent across the country. According to WHO, it ranks among the top 20 in terms of performance. The best part is that the terms of Portuguese healthcare apply to the country’s citizens also apply to its residents, given that they are citizens of another EU country. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

So many people, old as well as young, have been thinking of moving to Portugal. It is no more a surprise why. With its rich culture, social stability, and welcoming markets, this small paradise makes an ideal location to move for a happier life. From the highlighted cities like Lisbon to the hidden sanctums like Sintra, it offers plenty of options to appeal to your taste. Its inexpensive healthcare, accommodation, and entertainmentoptions also assure that your dream does not dampen by the burden of hefty costs.

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